Friday, March 16, 2012

Roslyn Street Bar-Restaurante| Sydney, Australia

Architects: Durbach Block Jaggers
5-9 Roslyn Street Potts Point is a triangular shaped site, less than 200m2 in size. The rounded end looks directly onto a small public space. The shape of the site exaggerates perspective, the tiny footprint amplifies the perception of height. 

We wanted the building to sit easily in its place, to recognise the architectural traits of its neighbours. We also wanted to take a new view of the thick masonry walls, small detailed windows and overhanging cornices typical of the area.

The cornice is exaggerated to overhang the street, to suggest a room. The fine steel lined windows are slightly offset and casually misaligned. The awning splits to mark individual entry points on the street. 

On the street, it seems an ephemeral version of the neighbourhood buildings, the rhythm held by the openings as the wall recedes. 

Then, at the corner the building shifts to being strongly surfaced, curving in two directions, becoming a peninsular of moulded light. 

The surface of crackled tiles, a mixture of gloss and matt, white and biscuit, reflect and refract the surroundings. 

An exotic roof top garden of frangipani trees and seasonal plantings is framed in the sky through buckled openings.

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