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MIKIS THEODORAKIS to the International Public Opinion: "The truth about Greece!"

Mikis Theodorakis

"The truth about Greece." For Greece endangered by unemployment, hunger and misery speaks Mikis Theodorakis in a letter to the international public opinion, speaking of "conspiracy against the Greek people" and even claiming that there is another solution "and this is Russia "!

The letter was posted on Tuesday, but Sunday was written before M.Theodorakis go with Manolis Glezos (the hero who took down the Nazi flag from Acropolis in 1941) in parliament during the passage of the second memorandum, having fallen victim of the widespread use of chemicals by police.

There is an international conspiracy to complete the destruction of my country. Started in 1975 with the aim of modern Greek culture continued to perversion of our recent history and our national identity and now they are trying to eliminate us biological with unemployment, hunger and misery. If the Greek people in a body do not rise and in order to stop them, the risk for the disappearance of Greece is real. I place it within the next ten years. Since we will be left only the memory of our civilization and of our struggles for freedom.

By 2009 there was not a serious economic problem. The great plagues of our economy was overspending to buy war material and the corruption of a portion of the political and financial-journalism site. But for both wounds was jointly responsible and foreigners. Such as Germans, Frenchmen, Englishmen with Americans, who earn billions of euros against of our national wealth from the annual sale of war material.

This constant bleeding us kneel and do not allow us to move forward, and offered wealth to foreign nations. The same happened with the problem of corruption. For example the German Siemens have a special branch for the acquisition of Greek factors,in order to place its products in the Greek market. Consequently the Greek people was a victim of this predatory duo, Greeks and Germans, who get rich against him.

It is obvious that those two large wounds could be avoided if the leaders of the two
FRIEND-American political parties in power ,had eroded by corrupt elements, which are
to cover the drain of wealth (which was the product of work of the Greek people) for
funds to foreign countries resorted to excessive borrowing, resulting in gross debt reached 300 billion, or 130% of GNP (Gross National Income).

With this jobbery foreigners that I have just mentioned won twice. First from the sale of weapons and their products. And secondly, the interest on money lent to governments and not the people. Because as we saw, the people was the main victims in both cases. One example alone will convince you. Interest on the loan of one billion dollars made ​​by Andreas Papandreou (father of George Papandreou) in 1986 by a major European country, arrived at 54 billion and were repaid in ... 2010!

Mr. Juncker stated that before a year had been seen a strong Greek bleeding from excessive (and forced) expenditure on the purchase war materials from Germany and France in particular. And so concludes that the sellers lead us to convinced disaster. But confesses that he has no action, not to harm the interests of friendly countries!

In 2008 was the great economic crisis in Europe. So it was bound to affect the Greek economy. However, the standard of living, high enough to have ranked among the 30 richest countries in the world, remained essentially unchanged. But There was a rise in the public debt.

But the national debt does not necessarily lead into economic crisis. Debts of Big countries such as the U.S. and Germany are estimated at trillion. The problem is whether there is economic growth and production. Then you can borrow from large banks at an interest rate to 5% until the crisis passed.

In this position we were in 2009 just when the change of government took place in November and took Prime Minister George Papandreou. To understand what we think today the Greek people for the disastrous policies, I quote two numbers: In the 2009 elections the Papandreou's political party PASOK won 44% of the votes. Today, the polls give 6%.

Mr. Papandreou could confront the economic crisis (which, as I said reflected the European) with loans from foreign banks and the usual rate is below 5%. If he did, there would be for our country, no problem. The opposite would happen, because we were in a phase of economic development and thus will certainly go up our standard of living.

But Mr. Papandreou had been already started the conspiracy against the Greek people from the summer of 2009, when he met secretly with Strauss-Kahn, to be led by Greece under the leadership of the IMF. The information for this meeting was published in the same former President of the IMF.

In order to arrive until there however would have to deform the real economic situation in our countryso that fear the foreign banks to stage the lending rates in forbidding numbers. This cumbersome operation began with the false skyrocketing public deficit from 9.2% to 15%. For this criminal act, the prosecutor, Mr. Peponis, referred in 20 days prior to Justice Messrs. Papandreou and Papaconstantinou (Minister of Finance).

Followed by the systematic campaign of Mr. Papandreou and Minister of Finance in Europe that lasted 5 months, during which they tried to persuade foreigners that Greece is a Titanic about to sink, that the Greeks are corrupt, lazy and therefore unable to cope with country's needs. In each statement the interest rates go up, that we can not borrow anymore, so we entry in the IMF and the European Bank to take the character of our salvation, but in fact was the beginning of our death.
In May 2010 signed by only one minister, the famous Memorandum, that we full allegiance to our lenders. The Greek law in these cases requires the adoption of such an important agreement by three-fifths of the House. So basically the Memorandum and Troika now virtually govern us operate illegally, not only for Greek but also on European law.

From then until now, if the steps that lead to the death is twenty, we have gone more than half. Imagine that the Memorandum was bestowing foreigners our National Independence with the Public our property. Namely ports, airports, roads, electricity, water, underground with undersea wealth etc. etc. And even our historical monuments like the Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus etc. after we resign from all relevant objections.

Halted the production.
Staged at the 18% unemployment.
80,000 shops closed down, hundreds of thousands of artisans and industries.
A total of 432,000 businesses glans a padlock. Tens of thousands of young scientists leave the country, sinking every day more and more in medieval darkness.
Thousands of formerly wealthy people looking for trash and sleep on the sidewalk.

Meanwhile supposed to live thanks to the generosity of our lenders, European banks and the IMF. In fact every package with dozens of billion with which charged the entire Greece returned from back to where they it comes, and we ended up bearing unbearable new interest. And because there is a need to maintain the State Hospitals and Schools, the Troika loads the middle and lower economic strata of society with exorbitant taxes, which lead directly to famine. Widespread famine situation we had in the beginning of the German occupation in 1941 to 300,000 dead in six months. Since then the hunger comes back to the unfortunate and calumniated our country.

If you think that the German occupation cost us one million dead and the complete destruction of our country, how can we accept Greeks the threats of Merkel and the German intention to impose on us a new Gauleiter ... this time with tie ...

And to prove how rich countries are Greece and how conscious and hardworking people are the Greeks (consciousness Debt to Freedom and love for the homeland) is the time of German occupation from 1941 until October 1944. When the SS and famine killed one million people and the Wehrmacht systematically destroyed the country, stealing agricultural production and gold from the banks, the Greeks saved from starvation by the People to create the National Solidarity Movement and created a partisan army 100,000, which riveted in our country 20 German divisions.

At the same time not only were Greeks, thanks to hard work, to survived, but there was great development of Greek art in the conditions of occupation, particularly in the fields of literature and music.

Greece has chosen the path of sacrifice for freedom and survival simultaneously.

And then beat us unnecessarily and we responded with Solidarity and Resistance and survived. So we do now with the certainty that the final winner will be the Greek people. This message is sent to Mrs Merkel and Mr Schaeuble saying that it remained a friend of the German People and admirer of his great contribution to science, philosophy and art and music in particular! And perhaps the best proof of this is that trusted all of my musical project in two German publisher, Schott and Breitkopf, who is one of the largest publishers in the world and my collaboration with them is extremely friendly.

We were threatening to evict us from Europe. If Europe does not want us again, we this Europe of Merkel - Sarkozy do not want ten times.

Today Sunday 12 February , preparing to take part I, and along with Manolis Glezos, the hero who took down the swastika from the Acropolis, thus giving the signal for the beginning not only of Greek and European resistance to Hitler. The streets and squares will flood hundreds of thousands of people who will demonstrate their anger against the government and the Troika.

I heard yesterday the banker Prime Minister -address to the Greek people say that "we have come almost to zero." But what us came within two years at ZERO? Themselves, rather than to incarcerated, extorting their parliamentarians to sign a new Memorandum worse than the first, to be applied by the same people and the same methods that led us to zero. Because I was required by the IMF and Euro Group blackmailing us that unless we obey, will lead in bankruptcy ... Here played the theater of the absurd. All these circles actually hate us (Greeks and foreigners) and are solely responsible for the dramatic situation which led the country, threaten, blackmail in order to continue their destructive work, ie us go below zero , until our final extinction.

We survive in very difficult conditions through the centuries and it is certain that if us lead by force at the penultimate step before death, the Greeks will not only survived but will regrow. Currently I devote all my strength in trying to dynamically join the Greek people. I try to convince him that the Troika and the IMF is the only way. That there is another solution. And this is to change radically the course of our nation and turn to Russia for economic cooperation and to create partnerships that will help us to highlight the wealth of the country in terms of ensuring our national interest. As for Europe suggest you stop buying military hardware from Germany and France. As we will do everything possible so that Germany should pay the war reparations due to us and now with interest may amount to 500 billion.

The only force that can make these revolutionary changes is the Greek people joined in a huge Resistance and Solidarity Front so that drive off the Troika (IMF and European banks) from the country. While it should be considered null and void all illegal actions (loans, debts, interest, taxes, purchases of public wealth). Of course Greeks partners who have been convicted in the minds of our people as traitors should be punished.

To the purpose (section People's Front in one) I am totally completely given and I believe that ultimately will be vindicated. I fought with arms in hand against Hitler's occupation. I met the dungeons of the Gestapo. Condemned by the Germans to death and miraculously lived. In 1967 I founded the TDM, the first resistance organization against the military junta. I fought underground. I was caught and imprisoned in "slaughter" of the Junta Security. Eventually I survived again.

Today I am 87 years old and is very likely not to live the salvation of my beloved homeland. But I will die a quiet my conscience, because I still do my duty towards the ideals of Liberty and the Law to the end.

Athens, 12.2.2012
Mikis Theodorakis

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