Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A house as a tree by Boris Ignatov

One of the most remarkable projects by Boris Ignatov, a Bulgarian architect working out of New York and Varna, is his tree-like Conservatory House. This large residential complex fa├žade was made with Reynaers systems CW 50-HI, CW 50-RA and CS 77.
The project was nominated by World Architecture News for House of the Year 2010. This unique house has six geothermal probes that create a closed loop ground heat exchange system, which delivers clean heating and cooling. The glazed roof is reversed, which allows natural light to enter and the collection of rain water for irrigation at the same time. The integrated solar vacuum tubes supply all needed domestic hot water.
The house is made of natural materials - wood, stone, reinforced concrete. The architect explains: ‘The conservatory is the main functional, aesthetic and environmental feature of the house, combined with vast areas of glazing and curtain wall. It allows daylight to reach all levels, balances the indoor climate by the thermal mass of its soil, freshens the air with flower aromas and is a favorite place for relaxation. In summer the house benefits from the conservatoryÔÇÖs natural cross ventilation, while in the winter the residents enjoy its greenhouse effect.ÔÇÖ
source http://www.archello.com

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